Currently Source code is available on github and can be compiled with any modern c++ compiler. although only g++ is tested and recommended.


The users of TC++ should know that thier compiler is older than me, and is supported neither by Borland nor by me. Please switch to g++.


  1. Clone the repo using git clone or Download the Source zip.
  2. Use the command g++ -o main.cpp todx.out to compile the executable.
  3. Now the todx.out file can be used anywhere. Just place it in your desired folder and execute in the command-line : ./todx.out to enjoy the app.


You should also copy help.txt so that Help command works.


  1. Clone the repo using git clone or Download the Source zip.

  2. Ensure g++ is installed using the bellow command in the pallete :

    g++ -v

If it prints some strange stuff that relates to version number etc then all is well and good. If not, and it shows command not found, then download and install MinGW.

  1. Now, We compile the code :

    g++ main.cpp fabric.cpp -o todx.exe

  2. The binary todx.exe is ready to be executed. Move it to your desired folder to store the todo’s. Don’t forget to move the help.txt, since the program requires it. Then simply execute todx.exe to enjoy it.

Binary Executables

There is a plan to offer stable binary builds for both Linux and Windows. Please Remain Calm and use compilation till then.