Quick Start

TodX is a great Todo app. But you need to first learn a tool to use it. Learn it below.

For installation, refer to the Installation for install instructions.

Basic Commands

These commands are used in the app to do the root or basic actions like open, append etc. These are entered in the *> prompt.


Command : new or n

Create a new list by entering title and tags(optional).


Command : open or o

Open a list from previously created lists. The list that is opened with this command is said as opened.


Commands marked * work only when a list is open.


Command : stats or stat

View wether a list is opened or not.

View *

Command : view or v

View the Todos of currently opened list.

Append *

Command : append or a

Append a new Todo in the currently opened list.

Mark *

Command : mark or m

Mark a Todo as done using charcters like * or #.


Command : export or exp

Export the data to a readable text file.


Command : quit or q

Close the app. It also saves the notes to the data file.

Entry Modes

These are the prompts used in the app

Prompt Usual Meaning Answer Format
*> Basic commands commands like open
+> Entry or Input for Content Sentence or one word
#> Usually index of Lists etc Numbers 0, 2 etc
?> Question Input yes or no