Before proceding make sure you have read the Data Concepts

This is the header file which contains the data members used in the program.

They are as follows:


Todo is the basic unit of the application it contains the following public data members

  • content a character array of 200 char elements.
  • status user defined char that stores the Status.


It is the collection of Todos. Most operations are performed throught this class. All data members and functions are public.

It contains the following data members -

  • Todo list[20]

  • char title[100]

  • char tags[10][20]

  • int _listIndex

    Variable to count the filling of list

  • int _tagIndex

    Variable to count the filling of tags

  • int _hasTags

It contains the following functions -

  • List()

    Asks for title(required) and tags(can be skipped).

  • List(char Title[100])

    Initialize the list with title

  • void enter()

    Enter the info given by user

  • void addTag(char Tag[20])

    Add the tag to Tags

  • void setTitle(char Title[100])

    Set the Title given

  • void view()

    View the list’s title tags and #content

  • void indexView()

    View the contents with the index

  • void tagView()

    View only Title and tags

  • void todoView(int)

    View the todo of index passed

  • void tagIndexView()

    View the Title and Tags with the index

  • void append()

    append a new ToDo in the list

  • void removeTodo(int)

    delete the list at index passed

  • void removeTag(int)

    delete the tag at index passed

  • void changeStatus(int index, char status)

    Changes Status of the Item of index to status