Installation from Source

This step is critical for helping development in TodX. It will allow you to get the source-code, publish changes, and ask them to be included.

Getting Source

If you have already thought of contributing by editing the code, It is much better to fork the Repo and then clone it.

$ git clone{user name}/todx

where {user name} should be your user name.

If you want the repo for just seeing the code.

$ git clone

Compiling and running

You should have make and g++ installed, although I don’t think the compilation is dependent on platform since the code uses mostly standard c++. To compile the source use $ make. To run it use make run. As given below

$ make
$ make run


Makefile already has a command for make clean so run it to remove the object files.

After successfull installation and running you can try out the program.

The binary and object files are located at build directory.

To clean/remove build directory eith object and executable binary, run

$ make clean

Building the Docs


For Building Docs, You need pip installed.

After installation, you might want to build the docs, for this you need to install the following:


Install the Documentation generator.

$ pip install sphinx sphinx-autobuild

Sphinx RTD theme

Install the cool theme for Documentation.

$ pip install sphinx_rtd_theme

Now we can build the docs. Switch to the folder/Directory docs in the repo and execute

$ make html

This will build the docs. You can visit the index file at docs\_build\html\index.html, open it in your browser and enjoy the docs.